Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Fan and Temp module does not have data. Why?
A: This is actually the number one question, I get on regular basis.

The Fan and Temp modules get their data from the SMC Helper.

1- Make sure that MenuBar Stats Plugins Manager is located in /Applications folder.
2- You need to activate the SMC Helper as shown in the screenshot below.
Q: Why do I not see MBS in the menu bar?
A: macOS is always making sure that the active application menu can be properly displayed in the menu bar.
If you have many menu bar items in the menu bar, macOS can hide them temporarily (from left to right) to make space for the application menu.
If you have a relatively small screen, and all your MBS modules are set in Combined Mode, the MBS Combined menu bar item will be wide, and will be one the first to be temporarily hidden by the system.

To solve this issue, you can have many modules in Standalone mode, in this case you will have many small menu bar items, and most of them will be visible, most of the time.
You can as well have the option to have some in Combined Mode, but to choose to hide the menu bar item.
Q: Do you still have older version available?
A: On regular basis we update MBS, and sometime need to stop supporting older macOS version.
But you can still download MBS version 2, compatible 10.10 to 10.13 here and the previous plugin manager compatible with MBS2 here
Q: Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Send me an email. I usually answer within 48 hours.

MenuBar Stats

Advanced Mac system monitor

Requires macOS 10.10 or later

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