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MenuBar ReArranger is dead. Long live MenuBar ReArranger.


Today MenuBar ReArranger 2 is released.

The last 2 months, I have been very busy for you. A full new version of MenuBar ReArranger has been developed.

MenuBar ReArranger 2 has been completely re-written for OS X Mavericks.

All the feedback during the beta test month have been very very positive. You will enjoy to manage your menu bar items with MenuBar ReArranger 2.

There is a 10 days Free Trial available for download.

MenuBar ReArranger 2 licenses are sold from seense store. Thanks to our new partner to power seense store.

If you previously purchased MenuBar ReArranger 1.2 from the Mac App Store, you are then entitled to a free upgrade to MenuBar ReArranger 2. Yes. FREE UPGRADE!!!

more info at : htttp://

From time to time during these last 2 months, I had the need to relax from Objective-C. 

So, instead of having one Jack ;),  I was switching to HTML, CSS, JS, Sketch, Pixelmator and made a complete re-write of the website. Introducing a new visual, a new seense logo, new support pages, a blog, and a store. I hope you will like it.

What else happen during this 2 months ?!?!? The Clock has been upgraded, as DrawnStrips Reader. A partnership with has been done for DrawnStrips Reader

And… the seense newsletter is coming. The seense community will be then well updated and more often…

During this 2 months, I was very responsive (few minutes) to my customers questions, one of you asked me: “in which time zone are you leaving ?”.  The answer is, for these last 2 months, I think, I was awake in every time zone. 😉

Now I think, It is time for me to sleep a little bit, and spend more time with my wife and kids … 😉


PS: Happy birthday to DrawnStrips Reader, 2 years already.