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Dear seense community,

Today, seense Introduce “Webapp Series”, Because, sometime, a web browser is not the most convenient way. The “Webapp series” is a family of well crafted web wrapper apps for Mac.

What are ‘Webapp series’ key features ?

# Access quickly from your menu bar or the Dock.
# Access quickly from a keyboard shortcut.
# Start or not automatically at login.
# Optimum website layout.
# Choose or not to keep the webapp window floating above others.
# And more features depending on the webapp.

The 2 first members of the family are Webapp for Youtube and Webapp Translate, which I hope you will like.

They have been crafted with a high focus on details and usability. 

The Webapp Series family members will evolve with the time. I have already few exciting features in dev for the future releases. I will be happy to get your feedback, in order to include your best ideas into the future releases.

And of course, the Webapp series apps gives you exclusive access to Barsoom, the FREE add-on to keep your menu bar in order.

Best Regards,