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OS X 10.11 El Capitan and System Integrity Protection

The future release OS X 10.11, El Capitan, is introducing a great new feature the System Integrity Protection.
Basically, this new feature protect the system files and the system processes. But by protecting the system processes, it means unfortunately the end of full tweaks for the menu bar.

Barsoom and MenuBar ReArranger 2

Barsoom and MBRA2 work by injecting a small code into processes, to place your items as you wish. This still work beautifully with third party apps in El Capitan but not with system processes such as the Menu extras, Spotlight, and Notification Center. These items are now protected against code injection.

What does it mean?

The system items (Menu extras, Spotlight, and Notification Center) will remain on the right side of your menu bar, no matter what, as they cannot be controlled anymore. But you will still be able to rearrange your third party apps.

The Clock users

Despite this drawback you can still place The Clock on the right side of your menu bar. Between Spotlight and the Menu Extras for example.

Future with OS X El Capitan

You are able to turn off the System Integrity Protection, but I do not recommend it, as this feature is bringing a real additional protection to your system.
I spent the last 2 weeks to try to find other ways to be able to rearrange your menu bar, but after 2 weeks of coding/testing and many options tried, I’m not happy with the end results.
I will continue to investigate, but I’m not confident that a nice solution can be found.

I agree with people from Tunabelly Software and BinaryAge, that developers with a Developer ID could be allowed for injection code (ala KEXT signing program). But as mentioned by people from Tunabelly Software, OS X is slowing being closed off as iOS. So I don’t think this will happen anytime soon.

Barsoom and MenuBar ReArranger 2

I will continue to maintain Barsoom and MenuBar ReArranger 2, as they still bring add value, and still mostly works properly with any third party items.
And for my customers using Barsoom to place The Clock on the right side of the menu bar, this is still working.

Barsoom & MenuBar ReArranger 2 versions compatible with El Capitan Beta 2, correcting a bug where items are disappearing are available now for download at