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The Clock 3

Back in August, I wrote that I had decided to re-write The Clock from the ground-up.
I said that this decision was a big risk, due to the rule : Do not fix something which is not broken.

Thousands of users, all over the world, rely on The Clock on daily basis for their work, or personal life. And I didn’t want to impact their work flow.

Just 1 week before the release, as this was not risky enough, I decided to make this upgrade a free upgrade. Nice for my existing users, all existing users would be able to upgrade in 1 click.
But if someting was wrong with this brand new version, all customers would have been immediately impacted.

It was some worrying days. I went from beaking 1 big rule to let’s increase the risk even further!

I can tell you that when I decided to push the button to release #tc3 on the Mac App Store, my heart was beating fast. I was worried. Scared to have missed something which could have impacted so many people. The adrenaline rush 😉

I didn’t sleep a lot the hours after. I was waiting to see if I missed something, waiting the customer reviews, the emails…

Almost 1 month after the #tc3 release, and a small maintenance release, for minor bugs. I’m relieved.

After so may hours of designing, drawing, coding, and a finish line of adrenaline rush, I’m glad to see so many positive feedback from you. Either by customer reviews, either by email. Thanks.

All this hard work paid off. Not by selling hundred of thousands of copies, this never happens for me, as I don’t make ads 😉 But paid off with your positive reviews and words by email. Which is my goal, and will always be my goal for my apps.

Let’s now think about the new features that will come to The Clock in the future, and about my other apps…

Once again, Thanks.