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Barsoom, MenuBar ReArranger2, and macOS Sierra

One of the less advertised feature of macOS Sierra is the ability to re-order any items in your menu bar. Yes, you read correctly.

Previously, if you didn’t have an extra app such as Barsoom or MenuBar ReArranger, only the Apple Menu Extras could be moved around with the simple cmd+drag action.

Now Apple has finally implemented this feature to ALL third party apps in your menu bar. And it works quite nicely. It works exactly the same way as Barsoom works. Smoothly, with nice animation and Apple solution can manage as well multi menu items apps such as MenuBar Stats. Very nice indeed. So now, without any third party app, you can finally keep your menu bar in order!!

So what does it means for the future of Barsoom and MenuBar ReArranger for the post macOS Sierra era?

As the main feature of Barsoom and MBRA2 is now handled natively and nicely by macOS Sierra, it is time to consolidate Barsoom and MBRA2.

As the Apple solution is very similar to Barsoom, it makes sense to continue to develop the consolidated solution around Barsoom. This in order to have a nice integration with your Mac. So I decided that MBRA2 last version will be for El Capitan, and Barsoom will continue to grow.

MBRA has been around for more than 4 years, and started in the Mac App Store. It was one of my first app and MBRA is loved by many customers. So it is with a heavy heart that I take this decision.

I decided as well to give access to Barsoom to all the customers of MBRA2.5. So MBRA2.5 owners can use their license to activate Barsoom 2.5 onward!

Barsoom will integrate few exclusive feature of MBRA2. For example Barsoom 2.5 include now the possibility to add spaces between group of icons. And the future version will consolidate other exclusive features.

Barsoom is very useful to declutter your menu bar. You can hide all your items in 1 click. Or only few of them.

Barsoom give you a very convenient and fast access to all Apple Menu Extras for a quick Activation/Deactivation. No need to look for them all over the system to find where to activate them.

And more features are coming to Barsoom.

So starting today, September 24 2016, Barsoom 2.5 is the new version for macOS Sierra and is available for download at seense/barsoom