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Q: Little snitch doesn't respect the order, what to do?
A: By default, Little snitch block the Apple Script command. But no problem. Go to little snitch preference menu. Select 'Security & Privacy' and enable the 'Allow Scripting Additions' checkbox. You are done. You may have to restart Barsoom after that.
Q: What is the 'Expand MenuBar' menu?
A: Expand MenuBar will clear your menu bar from any application menu. To bring back the application menu, just click on any windows on your desktop.
Q: Sometime app with multi-items are not ordered properly?
A: Barsoom is identifying each items and give them a name to be able to recognize them. The items are identified in the order they have been created by the controlled app. If you change the configuration of the controlled app (adding, removing items), then when this controlled app will be reopened the items will be in a different order. Because created in a different order by the controlled app. Barsoom has no way to know that the order changed. Just re-order the items with Barsoom. At the next restart all should be good.
Q: What is "1 Click Hide"?
A: "1 Click Hide" is a new feature, introduced in Barsoom 2.0. Select 1 Click Hide, and all the icons on the left of the barsoom icons will be hidden. Select 1 Click Show and all the items, hidden previously with "1 Click Hide" will come back. Very convenient if you have a presentation, or a screenshot to be taken.
Q: I select the icon while pressing the command key but the icon doesn't move.
A: Barsoom should detect automatically any new icons in the menu bar. But it may happen that Barsoom does not see the new icon coming. In this case you cannot move it. Just select "Expand MenuBar". This action will make Barsoom check everything again. Then you should be good to go to move the new item. This issue should not happen anymore in Barsoom 2.0.
Q: I move the icon but it always come back to the original position.
A: This means that Barsoom as issue to control this item. Just select "Expand MenuBar". It should solve the issue. If the item is an old app using Garbage Collection, Barsoom will not handle it. To be sure contact me for further investigation.
Q: Why Barsoom does not support old apps?
A: Garbage Collection is a very old techno, replaced by ARC. Apple deprecated it few years ago, and is not available anymore in the Apple development tool. It has been confirmed by Apple that the next macOS version "10.12" will not support these old apps anymore.
Q: I'm using a multi-monitor setup, and I have problem to move the icons around?
A: Barsoom 2, should handle multi-monitor just fine. Contact me if any issue.
Q: I drag the icon out of the menu bar but the icon come back?
A: When you drag an icon out of the menu bar, barsoom will kill the process for this app. But some apps usually helpers are defined to re-launch automatically when terminated. For example to drag out the Notification Center, will bring him back. As this process will automatically re-launch if terminated.
Q: How will I know when an update is available?
A: Barsoom include an updater. You will be informed automatically when an update is available. Or select the menu 'Check for Update...'
Q: How to uninstall Barsoom?
A: Go to the About menu and click the 'Uninstall' button. This will remove the Apple script and remove Barsoom from your system.
Q: Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Send me an email. I usually answer within 48 hours.

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